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 How does QQ-2 find charging base?

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PostSubject: How does QQ-2 find charging base?   2008-11-14, 9:49 pm

When CleanMate QQ2 returns to its charging base, it follows the wall on a clockwise moving pattern to search the charging base. Therefore, please do not leave obstacle or large open space on the left side of charging base. Otherwise, the QQ2 will have difficult going to the base. Put the QQ2 self-charging base on smooth hard surface floor NOT on carpet. It is normal for QQ2 to successfully dock to charging base after a few tries for recharging.

Make sure QQ-2 and charging base have good ventilation. We suggest NOT to charge your QQ-2 on carpet or rug.
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How does QQ-2 find charging base?
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