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 Testing report by Paradise Robotics

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PostSubject: Testing report by Paradise Robotics   2008-11-14, 10:59 pm

Before adding products to our offerings, whenever possible, we perform an evaluation first. The Infinuvo Cleanmate QQ-2 robotic vacuum cleaner has been evaluated by our qualified staff.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum Feature Overview

First, lets review the features of the Cleanmate QQ-2 robot. It comes in two colors: white or green. It has a very sensitive bump sensor at the front of the unit. It has a detachable remote control stored on top of the unit. It recharges itself by navigating back to the charger on its own around the perimeter of the room. It has four nylon brushes at the edge of the unit for corners and one soft cylindrical brush under the unit that is easy to remove for cleaning. It has a fragrance compartment to release a fragrance into the air. It has a UV light under the unit to kill germs. The dust bin is quite large for a vacuum of its size. The dust bin is very easy to remove and empty. It comes with three washable and reusable filters and a small brush for cleaning the filter after each use.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum Recommended Uses

The Cleanmate manufacturer recommends using the Cleanmate vacuum cleaner robot on floors and non-plush carpets. We tested the Cleanmate QQ-2 robotic vacuum on hardwood floor, tile and non-plush carpet & rugs.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum Hardwood Floor Test

Our first test was on a large hardwood floor kitchen area. The first step was to move the chairs from around the table. We set the chairs up as a barrier to prevent the Cleanmate robot from leaving the hardwood floor area. Since the chairs normally need to be moved for sweeping, so this was no extra work. We placed the charger base on the kitchen island for the first test.

The area was large, we set the time at 80 minutes and let it go. The Cleanmate vacuum cleaner robot moved in a random pattern around the room and also spiraled in 2 foot by 2 foot areas randomly. It ran for over one hour and then went into “low battery” mode. At this point, the vacuum suction turned off and the robot began to seek the charger around the perimeter of the room.

Then, we realized having the base on the island was probably not the best idea. It seemed it may take the Cleanmate robotic vacuum too long to find the base. So we decided to move the base to the perimeter of the room. Once the Cleanmate robot drove past the base, it made a beep, turned and then backed into the base. It did not connect right away, so it made another attempt. The second time, it connected just fine.

Before starting the Cleanmate robot, there were quite a few crumbs under the table and various food dropped near the counters. After vacuuming, about 85% of the dirt was gone. It seemed necessary to run the Cleanmate robotic vacuum for another cycle. So, we pressed the “Go” button on the charger base so Cleanmate robot would automatically start once it was recharged. About 2 hours later, the Cleanmate robot started again with no intervention. The Cleanmate QQ-2 robotic vacuum had the entire floor clean within about 30-45 minutes more time. It was not necessary to continue running it, so we turned it off.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum Non-Plush Carpet Test

Next, we cleaned the dust bin and filter using the included cleaning brush and tried the Cleanmate vacuum cleaner robot on non-plush carpet. The carpet had cat hair and the usual lint everywhere. To make the test more challenging, we sprinkled some whole wheat floor in a few different spots. Once again, the area was very large, so we set the Cleanmate vacuum robot for 80 minutes.

After running two cycles, the Cleanmate robotic vacuum performed fairly well on the carpet. It picked up almost all of the flour after running over the flour spots 3-4 times. It spent a little too much time behind the couch (it was a thin strip about two feet wide), so we used the remote to direct it out into the open area. After examining the dust bin, we found it about half full with lint, cat hair and flour. The amount of lint it picked up was surprising.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum Ceramic Tile Test

We also tried the Cleanmate robot on a large ceramic tile bathroom floor. There was a whole lot of hair on the floor before running the Cleanmate vacuum. After running, we found lots of hair in the dust bin. This was a pleasant surprise since most vacuum cleaners just wrap the hair around the brush.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum Ceramic Area Rug Test

The last place we tried the Cleanmate vacuum robot was on area rugs. It was necessary to tuck the fringe under to prevent entanglement. The Cleanmate robot did as well on the rugs as it did on the carpet.

During our regularly scheduled demonstration events, it is typical to spill a little cat litter while filling the Litter-Robot self-cleaning cat litter box. We always use the Cleanmate to sweep it up. This worked great when the litter was spilled on a hard surface.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum Brush Observations

The Cleanmate brush is very soft, which is ideal for hardwood floors. We’ve also been told by a carpet expert that having a soft brush is better for reducing wear and tear on the carpets.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum UV Light Battery Life Test

Research has shown UV light exposure as short as 1 second kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores and dust mites. Millions of dust mites live in carpet. Dust mites are a common allergen. Cleanmate kills them while it vacuums. We wanted to see if the UV light wore down the battery faster. We are pleased to report there was no significant drain on the battery from using the UV light.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum Other Observations

Other observations include: the bump sensor is extremely sensitive and gentle. There is no need to worry about damage to your furniture. Also, the Cleanmate is not very noisy considering its ability to effectively pick up dirt. It has a very quiet motor and can be used at bedtime.

Cleanmate QQ2 Robot Vacuum Conclusions

Our conclusion is the Cleanmate QQ-2 robotic vacuum works fantastically on floors and is worth purchasing for any floor that needs daily cleaning. It will save a lot of time. Carpet performance is more like what you would expect from a carpet sweeper rather than a vacuum. It is very good for light vacuuming in between the use of an upright or other high-powered vacuum. It works well on pet hair and is great for going under the bed and other hard to reach places.

If the Cleanmate robot is run regularly (every day or every other day), the overall amount of dirt and dust is dramatically reduced over weekly vacuuming, whether it is used on carpet or floors. This is a wonderful benefit for allergy sufferers and pet owners, especially when one considers the UV light will kill germs, mold spores and dust mites while vacuuming.

We highly recommend purchasing a Cleanmate QQ-2 robotic vacuum cleaner. If you want more time to yourself and a cleaner home, there is no downside. Purchase a Cleanmate robot from our secure web site or call to place an order today. At only $189, Cleanmate QQ-2 makes a great gift!
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Testing report by Paradise Robotics
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