your personal robot that will sweep and vacuum for you
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PostSubject: ViewPoints Review   2008-11-18, 9:01 pm

" A maid at the touch of a button "

Infinuvo QQ-2 CleanMate Vacuum is recommended by brink888

I Am :
Practical Cleaner, married, looking for convenience, a dog owner, a cat owner, impressed with this product, a pet lover, Not a neat freak, hate vacuuming, a homeowner, a woman
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Pros: UV light, Quiet, Ease of Use

Cons: life of battery, cost, Cost of replacement battery

NOV 18 2007

I went back and forth trying to decide between this unit and the Roomba. I saw this on sale for $129 with a $50 rebate so I decided to try it. The pros of this unit outnumber the cons. I have 2 large shedding Labradors and this unit sucks up their hair like crazy. I have also seen this unit pick up a leaf, small food crumbs and a paper clip. The unit is stylish looking. It comes with a remote control and is very easy to use. The remote is very small and I do find myself having to look for it frequently. In most of the areas in my home I have hardwood floors with a few large area rugs and it can move on and off the rugs. In my kitchen I have tiles and it never gets stuck in there as there is nothing soft to bump into and no deviation in the flooring levels. I love this unit and find that often I can turn it on and avoid having to drag out the large full size vacuum.

I have owned it for about 8 months now and I had the battery go bad after about 6 months. The cost to replace one is approximately $30 and they are only available online. Fortunately I wrote the company and was able to get a new one shipped to me free since the unit was only 6 months old.

In the last 8 months I have noticed a small decrease in its sucking ability when it gets full but nothing dramatic. Also the little "whiskers" on the bottom they push the dirt towards the suction are looking a bit worn but they are still working.

If you can find this unit at a price you can afford you should go for it!!
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ViewPoints Review
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